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Long’s sculptural journey has produced many other fine works, his flights of imagination encompass coffee tables, side tables, piano mirrors (made from their inner frames), a beautiful chair and coat-hanger horses and a ghost ship. There was a constructionist phase, producing several unique pieces to marvel at.

Raging Bull

About Me

Sculptor Long Ly is originally from Saigon, Vietnam. “I lived happily with my family in Saigon until 1978 when we escaped the communist regime at aged only 8 years old. Along with my family we left for an unknown future on a rickety fishing boat.”

He then settled in The UK and completed his schooling. Long went on to a variety of jobs but always had art as his passion. Today he has become  a unique artist with one of a kind designs. His pieces are made from recycled metal, ranging from pots and pans to plumbing pipes and carpet dividers – his imagination shows no bounds. Daily items that you would not consider art at all have been turned in to stunning creations with Long’s ingenuity and skill. 

featured in Mayfair

Long has been featured in Exhibitions in Mayfair London.

Up-cycling Everyday metal materials

Visit My Studio

You can visit my studio/gallery at The Palais des Vaches, Exbury. 


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Long Ly: 0758 774 9243


I hope you enjoy my work and i look forward to seeing you soon.

If you would like to discuss any of my creations, I would love to hear from you.